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Greek delicacies at Ergon, Brussels

Grilled balsamic glazed octopus

Ergon is a very humble-looking Greek deli, but don’t let this fool you. Grab a seat inside the light, loud shop, and you can be served the most impressive delicacies. Their balsamic-glazed grilled octopus with fava bean puré and fried bean balls is a sweet, smoky bliss. If you’re feeling cold and want something densely filling, their beef ragu with orzo pasta and greek cheese is incredibly satisfying – like a rich, silky bolognese with big chunks of steak.

Greek ragu

They also serve a highly recommendable spread of dips, including aubergine tartar, spicy feta paste, squid ink tsatsiki and hummus. You can sample some Greek herbal teas, which are still foraged off cliff slopes around the country. In addition to all the great things above, Ergon is good value for money. I look forward to returning an evening with plentiful time, to sample all their meze snacks.


My friend Jenny who first spotted this place is an Ergon fan because they serve Greek food at its best. With five years in Athens, and a degree in classical archeology and ancient history, I trust her judgment on this, and eat there happily.

Ergon, Rue du Parnasse 1, 1050 Ixelles

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