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Keep on toasting – the gourmet croque monsieur truck

Fancy toasties makes for a light lunch in the EU quarter on Thursdays.
Keep on toasting

Today is Thursday, which is good news for bureaucratic toastie lovers – Keep on toasting is parked up in Square de Meeûs by the European Parliament. They have a simple concept – four different kinds of Croque monsieur and one kind of dessert. They do exactly what’s on the box – a very good croque. One might think that five euros is a bit excessive for two bits of bread with some cheese and ham, but the small touches make it all worth it. I so far only tried the croque-summer with ham, cheese, pineapple and tomato relish. The bread is of outmost importance for a dish such as this, and it is deliciously fried to crisp perfection. The tomato relish has strong notes of thyme, which works wonders with the soft pineapple. And the ham serving was generous – it all works beautifully. Perfect for a sunny October break in the park.

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