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Healthy elegance at Kitchen 151

Fresh, personable mediterranean meze stop in handy distance from the EU institutions.

Fish kebab

Kitchen 151 serves up mediterranean meze-like dishes and fresh mains with outmost elegance. Their lovely waitor/chef readily tells his guests everything about the menu, and the house wine is sweet and deep. In the almost Scandinavian decoration of the light and wooden-decked restaurant, a Swede feels quite at home. This first time I visited I had their fresh fish kebab with a mild turmeric sauce. Most recently I enjoyed a gorgeous salad with tender asparagus,  grilled sweet cherry tomatoes and courgette, pine nuts, sun-dried tomato and thyme dressing.

Asparagus salad

But the starters are the real stars – you share a few (or many) meze, which comes with fresh Turkish bread and incredibly smooth, almost milky Tahini. Their raita is to die for, the lentil salad fresh and bursting with zingyness and coriander. I like my baba ganoush a bit smokier than their variety, but who cares when everything else is so enjoyable?


Johan telling stories in Kitchen 151

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