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Falafel heroes at Saras, Malmö

Messy falafel roll

Bear with me, it’s difficult taking a decent picture of a falafel roll.

Falafels rolls are ubiquitous in Malmö, where the newspaper has a blog dedicated to them and the combination of hipster vegans and middle eastern migrants has married splendidly. When I grew up, a large falafel roll with salad, salty pickle and spicy sauce would set you back 15 kronor (less than 2 euros). But the low price of the rolls isn’t their greatness. What makes me love them is the perfect crisp of the little balls, and how soft and velvety they are inside. In Malmö, falafels are normally served with salad, salty pickle, parsley and spicy sauce, and they are never dry.

Saras falafel Malmö

My favourite falafel place in Malmö is called Sara. They bake their own bread, and the chef has given me his smoky baba ganoush recipe. These days, a large falafel roll with extra feta cheese, baba ganoush and an Ayran to drink costs about 50 kronor (a little over 5 euros). It’s so worth every penny of that. If you visit Malmö, I would recommend a visit to Sara as much as I would to any fancy Swedish restaurant in the region. It’s a pure delight. My brother laments the loss of falafels when he talks of his move to Stockholm. Something called “falafel” might be served there, but it’s a different thing entirely.

Sara, Bergsgatan 24, 214 22 Malmö, Sweden

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