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Da Vincenzo, the pizza skeptic’s haven

Crudaiola pizza

I have a confession to make. I’m unphazed by gourmet pizzas. It’s not that I haven’t tried that pizza yet – I’ve had a multitude of connoisseur pizzas (although, admittedly, I haven’t been to Naples). They are all really nice, I just don’t think there’s that that much of a mystery to them. I don’t believe in the sublime pizza, unless you are really, really hungry. And if you are really, really hungry, even a Doctor Ötker pizza will be amazing (in fact, I eat them on a regular late-night basis, dipped in spicy sriracha mayo).

Quattro stagioni

All this said, I do have a favourite pizza place in Brussels. Perhaps you can take it as a stamp of high esteem that even a pizza sceptic like me will hold this place above all the others. Da Vincenzo in place St Boniface always serves up a perfect crust, and perfectly savoury sauce, which means that you don’t need lots of extras. Their best pizza in the crudaoila, with fresh tomatoes, parmesan and rocket. That’s all. Grabbing one of these to go from St Boniface and pairing it with a bottle of wine in the park is an incredibly good idea. They are delicious.

Da Vincenzo, Rue du Paix 13, 1050 Brussels.

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