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Romantic veganism at La Tsampa

La tsampa La Tsampa is the perfect cute meat free weekday restaurant. Tucked-in behind a food shop close to Avenue Louise lies La Tsampa, it’s a hide-away from the meat-heavy menus of Bruxellois restaurants.
Normally functioning as a lunch restaurant, they close their kitchen at 19:30 which is an odd hour for any evening restaurant in Brussels. However, if you arrive on time, you’ll find a romantic terraced backroom with a simple but very tasty menu. And also, it’s very cheap.

Home made chocolate cakeOur group settled on different varieties of their main vegetarian plate (they all looked more or less the same), of tofus cooked with artichokes, lingonberry-marinated seitan steaks, veggie goulash and tagine. They were all served with rice or potatoes, salted cabbage and beetroot spouts. It was well salted (to my immense liking) and served with a pleasant smile. We were also treated to some detoxing juices that were special, quite unlike the normal sweet fruitness of such drinks.

We finished off with the house cake – a lush, dense chocolate cake on crumbled bottom with chesnut cream. Simple and unexaggerated. A good meal. If you are into alternative, organic and generally hard-to-find ingredients, this might also be a place to find them: in front of the restaurant, you go through a large food shop full of vegan organic ingredients.

La tsampa shop

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